Sunday, May 29, 2011

Des Salades

-Spring Mix salad
-Greek vinaigrette


Petite Dejeuner

-Egg white Omelette with green onions & 3 slices of Turkey Breast deli meat
-5 strawberries
- Black coffee

Yummmmm. I love being home, we get the NYTimes on Sunday.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

La Madeline!!

-Shrimp Crêpe Florentine
-Reduced Fat Tomato Basil (I didn't finish it though)
-Green Tea
-Chocolate shot of amazingness (yeah, worth cheating)

Back Home

Sorry I don't have pictures!

-Oikos yogurt with honey

-Omelette with Egg Beaters, green onions, white onions, and tomatoes
-Green tea with lemon

Friday, May 27, 2011

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Din Din

-Grilled tilapia with lemon & pepper
-Asparagus with a little butter (no salt)
-Green tea!

When I Get Married....

Someone PLEASE make sure these cupcakes, in lovely China similar to that, are present. These are absolutely beautifulllll. (I wish I could eat cupcakes right now...)

Bone China Rose Cupcakes « The Cupcake Blog

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I've been running around everywhere today! Almost 100% moved out of the Kappa Chi Corral, which is sad :( I'm going to miss living with Hannah!!

500 crunches down. Who woulda thought THAT was possible?!

I had a 16oz. Strawberry Nirvana from Jamba Juice for a snack today, yummy :)

500 more crunches to go!

Tea Time

Yum yum green tea with mint :)

I started my brother's abs workout yesterday (250 crunches last night). Crazy right?! He wants me to do 1,000 crunches a day, which I thought was INSANE?! But after doing 250 last night, I can SO do this.

I already did my first 250 this morning, it's almost time for my second set. Then two more sets tonight! I've got this y'all ;)

Happiness for the day:
38 days until I get to go to McCall!! I am SO excited to see him. Thirty. Eight. Days. So doable. EVERYTHING is doable right now :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thus far..

10 more lbs!! I can do it!! I feel great already!



Uphill treadmill-

Definitely needed this!!!!


Since I diverted so far from my diet this weekend, starting over!

-2 egg whites, scrambled
-1 apple
-Folger's French Vanilla roast
-Green Tea with mint and lemon!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

This is my Happy Place

Candy and Lollypop Cupcakes « The Cupcake Blog

Because I can't eat this stuff in real life... I just look at them all day.


For lunch, my family and I went to the Sanford House to celebrate my parent's 30th Wedding Anniversary.

I didn't bring my phone in, though I wish I had so I could capture how beautiful the place and food were!

For lunch I had:
-Black Coffee
-Une crêperie avec des fruits de la mer
-Steamed zucchini

For dessert:
-My mom, brother, and I split the Chocolate Decadence (and it was JUST that)

The Sanford House is absolutely magnificent and makes you feel as if you've left Arlington.

(and now my mom is insisting that I have my wedding reception there?? I'd have to get engaged first.. Thanks mom.. A little ahead of ourselves)

Ta ta my loves!

Petit Dejeuner

There we go! Off to a good start today :)

-Strawberry Greek yogurt
-Green Tea with lemon

It's crazy, I'm becoming fuller faster. Also, diverting from the diet (even though it was JUST a little bit) gives me crazy heartburn. It's completely amazing what eating healthy does to you! It makes eating unhealthy virtually impossible - physically impossible because of heartburn.

Interesting huh??

Happiness for the day:

We're celebrating my parents 30th wedding anniversary today at the Sanford House! I'm excited, and so very proud of my parents. I can only hope to have a marriage like theirs someday :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Today was an awful food day :(

Minus the fact that I did pretty well at dinner..

There was my grandma Jean's famous potato salad in the fridge when I got home.. (had a few bites..) and then there were cheese-its...


Alas, tomorrow is a new day. (since the world didn't end & all..)

Still very much in love. And he is still very amazing.

Dinner Out

Scary thought.. Actually going OUT to dinner.

We went to Chili's butttttt I think I did well!

-Grilled Salmon
-Steamed broccoli

I didn't eat the rice (but I did cheat with unsalted chips & salsa....)


As of this morning though - I've lost 7lbs!!!!! Woooo!! My BMI is down to normal. And THAT my friends is something to be happy about!

Also.... The world didn't end.

Location:Interstate 20 Frontage Rd,Arlington,United States

Friday, May 20, 2011

And Your Dinner..

I tried a new marinade tonight!

-Grilled chicken in Mesquite Grill Mates marinade
-Green tea avec mint!

Happiness for the Day

Gahhh I love storms! It stormed just now and it was beautiful to listen to.

I am so fortunate. I want to try to not take anything for granted.

My family is wonderful and I am so excited to see them this weekend.

I am beyond lucky, blessed, fortunate to have a man in my life who cares for me the way he does. He brings so much beauty and love and joy into my life, no matter how many thousands of miles away he is.

Anddddddd.. Drum roll...

I've lost 6lbs :)

Trying for 10 more!

LATE Breakfast

(that's what I get for staying on the phone until 4AM.. oh well, always worth it to hear his voice)

-2 egg whites, scrambled
-French Vanilla coffee
-Green Tea to go!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Smells delish!

-Blackened tilapia with pepper and lemon juice
-Steamed carrots
-Green tea with mint!

I'm thrilled to eat after that workout!

Work Out!

Feeling good, feeling great, feeling glorious!

I need my brother to give me a weights plan though.

Today is beautifulllll!

Location:BU SLC

I Remembered Lunch!

Finally! A lunchtime blog!

-Salad with sprouts & grilled mushrooms
-Green tea with mint

Yummy :)

Happiness for the Day

1) My shower pipes are FINALLY getting fixed!! I say finally... And that's not fair to my mgmt.. They sent someone out ASAP to fix it, so props to picadilly!

2) Love and be loved. "I'm in love and I DON'T CARE WHO KNOWS IT!!!" (Elf - style)

It's a beautiful day :)

Location:S 9th St,Waco,United States

Breakfast Yum!

Per usual!

-French Vanilla Folger's coffee
-Green Tea with lemon juice
-Greek Yogurt

I loveeeee breakfast. Time to go watch Say Yes to the Dress!

Location:S 9th St,Waco,United States

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dinner is Served

I keep forgetting to blog about lunch!!! (I had chicken soup and an apple, and green tea duh)

Dinner tonight is:

-Grilled chicken in Garlic, Herb and Wine Grill Mates
-Asparagus!!! Love this stuff
-Green tea with mint

I've had a good say so far :)

Location:S 9th St,Waco,United States

Work it Out

I'm feeling good about this :) cycling day - I'm disgusting right now though, shower time!

Location: S 1st Street,Waco,United States

Happiness! Extreme!

He is the COOLEST famous person ever. Any time I've ever contacted him, he's always responded!

I hope that I can be a famous choir director and meet him one day.

- Marie Louise

Breakfast Time!

Breakfast Day 3!!!
(just a tid-bit: I've already lost 4lbs!!!!!)

-2 hard boiled eggs
-1 cup of French Vanilla coffee
-1 cup of Mint Green Tea with lemon juice
-1 Snow White red apple

I absolutely love this diet. And I love today!

- Marie Louise

Location:S 9th St,Waco,United States

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dinner Night 2!

Here we go!

Dinner tonight is:

-Tilapia, marinated in Garlic, Herb & Wine by Grill Mates
-Steamed Carrots
-Cup of Green Tea (mint)


- Marie Louise

Location:S 3rd St,Waco,United States

Breakfast Time

I'm sort of cheating today? For breakfast:

-French Vanilla Folger's roast coffee (cheating I know!)
-Greek strawberry yogurt
-Green Tea (mint)

"Focus on the positives, by doing so the negatives will begin to disappear."

(per usual: watching Say Yes to the Dress and Cake Boss)

Location:S 9th St,Waco,United States

Come on get Happy!

A little more happiness for the day......

Marie Parisot - Custom Line-up for ACL 2011


Happiness for the Day

"When you're Happy for No Reason, you bring happiness to your outer experiences rather than trying to extract happiness from them. You don't need to manipulate the world around you to try to make yourself happy. You live from happiness, rather than for happiness."

- Marci Shimoff

(15 minutes then I'll get out of bed hahaha)

Location:S 9th St,Waco,United States

Monday, May 16, 2011


Note to self:

Work out BEFORE dinner.
I am so hungry right nowwwwww. I can't eat after dinner! Not allowed!

Making an epic playlist though (since I can't make a CD of just 24 favorite songs).

Work it Out!

I feel good about this :) this summer is going to do my body good!

- Marie Louise


So according to Day 1, for dinner I am going to have:

-A large portion of chicken (probably won't finish it all!)
-Any steamed or raw vegetables from the list (I chose steamed carrots)
-A Cup of Green Tea (with mint, my preference) (it's still steeping haha)

Thus far, the chicken smells amazing! It's cooking on my George Foreman at the moment. I marinated it in Garlic, Herb & Wine by Grill Mates; it is QUITE accurate to say this is the first time I've ever marinated something (self goal: to become an excellent cook by the fall semester).

Bon appetite :)

My Happiness for the day:

Taking a bike ride to campus in this glorious weather. I met up with Erica and Tyler and we went to sit by the new fountain that was built this year. Then we climbed a HUGE tree. I am going to miss them terribly, but hanging out with them today was great.

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So I decided to start a blog to keep track of my diet and all things that make me happy (not like I don't have a tumblr, twitter, or facebook...)

I really wanted to focus on my diet through this blog, so HERE is to almost a complete day 1 of my diet!

I will be adding a picture of my dinner soon, the chicken is still marinating :)