Monday, May 16, 2011


So according to Day 1, for dinner I am going to have:

-A large portion of chicken (probably won't finish it all!)
-Any steamed or raw vegetables from the list (I chose steamed carrots)
-A Cup of Green Tea (with mint, my preference) (it's still steeping haha)

Thus far, the chicken smells amazing! It's cooking on my George Foreman at the moment. I marinated it in Garlic, Herb & Wine by Grill Mates; it is QUITE accurate to say this is the first time I've ever marinated something (self goal: to become an excellent cook by the fall semester).

Bon appetite :)

My Happiness for the day:

Taking a bike ride to campus in this glorious weather. I met up with Erica and Tyler and we went to sit by the new fountain that was built this year. Then we climbed a HUGE tree. I am going to miss them terribly, but hanging out with them today was great.

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