Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tummy Issues :(

As of late - I've been having some pretty horrible digestive problems (this is SOOOO tmi sorry). Long story short, I'm really having to change my diet. This is a GREAT thing because I've severely strayed from my typical healthy eating patterns!

Due to the medication I'm on, I'm having to cut out a lot of dairy - which I'm okay with! Acidic foods also make it worse; for example, whole apples are PAINFUL to eat. Yet, apple sauce is good to go! This is a strange learning process but we'll see what happens!

In other news:
I'M STARTING BIKRAM CLASSES TOMORROW!!!!!! I'm so nervous & excited, it's like Christmas in July!!! Thanks to Ashlee, I found no excuse NOT to do it. Tomorrow is day 1 for the next month of my daily classes :)

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